Family Learning at <br>Hogarth's House

Family Learning at
Hogarth's House

We now have an exciting programme of activities for families during the school holidays.

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Hogarth At Home

Hogarth At Home is a series of free activities and learning resources developed for families to do at home during the pandemic. Looking for something creative to do during the school holidays? We’ve created a series of videos with activities families can do outside or at home.

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Shadow drawing

Use your imagination to transform an everyday objects into a spectacular picture. Music from


  • light source such as a torch
  • paper
  • coloured pens

Make your own birdfeeder

Get outside and feed our feathered friends! Music from


  • cardboard tube (or an apple, but we’ve reused a tube from recycling here)
  • string or twine
  • honey or peanut butter
  • bird food (could be birdseed or a homemade mix of oats and/or nuts)

Designer dogs

People have been changing the way dogs look for centuries. Some of these changes help the dogs to be better at something – like smelling – but other changes are just personal preferences – like making them smaller . How would you like a dog to look? Get crafty – you could even make a stop-motion video like we did!


  • any crafting materials you like such as pens, crayons, coloured paper… anything!
  • to make a simple and free stop motion video, you could use the Life Lapse app on a smartphone

Print your own wrapping paper

Why not print your own wrapping paper for creative and unique gift giving this Christmas?
Music from


  • paper large enough to wrap your present
  • washable paint
  • paint tray
  • a clean sponge
  • scissors
  • newspaper or similar to keep your table clean

Nature Weaving

Watch to learn how to do your own nature weaving in a green space near you!
Music from


  • 4 sticks
  • string or twine
  • scissors
  • leaves found on the ground

Learning from home

These Hogarth At Home downloadable resources cover a range of themes and curriculum links for Key Stages 1 and 2. They were developed during the Covid-19 lockdown to support home learning. Each topic includes activities that encourage children to ‘Get Creative’ and ‘Get Outside’.

We are proud to say we were nominated by users and stakeholders for a Kids In Museums Family Friendly Award From Home for engaging families during lockdown.

Habitats and the Local Environment

KS1 can Get Outside to explore what creatures live in their local habitats (Science, Maths) and Get Creative by thinking about and drawing their own habitat that they live in (Science, Art & Design).

KS2 can become detectives and Get Outside to discover how their local area has changed over time (History, Geography, Maths) and Get Creative as they suddenly find a new animal living in a tree (Art & Design, English, Science).

Print like Hogarth

KS1 Get Outside to search for leaves to print from (Art & Design) and Get Creative by mastering the art of drawing in a mirror (Art & Design).

KS2 Get Outside and spot adverts of shops in their local areas (Design & Technology) and Get Creative by designing their own business cards (Art & Design, Design & Technology).

Me and My World

KS1 will Get Outside to use their eyes, ears, nose and body to explore the world around them and think about how they express how they feel by making a nature diary (English, Art & Design, Maths, Science, PHSE, P.E.). They can then Get Creative by making their own self-portraits and consider how they want others to perceive them by what they include (Art & Design, English). 

KS2 can Get Outside to make their own nature diary, exploring their world through feeling, seeing, hearing, smelling and doing (English, Art & Design, Maths, Science, PHSE, P.E.). They Get Creative by creating their own detailed street scenes and comparing it to the streets of Hogarth’s time (Art & Design, History). 

The Hogarths and Their Home

KS1 will be encouraged to Get Outside and do one good deed a day (History, English) and Get Creative by having a go at designing and building their own home (Art & Design, Maths, Science).

KS2 will think about ways they can get involved in their community to help people and make change (History, English) and have a go at designing and building their own home (Art & Design, English).

Did you know Jane Hogarth made mulberry pies for the Foundling children who stayed with the Hogarths in the summer? Bake a pie Mrs Hogarth style with this recipe (Design & Technology).

All About Trees

KS1 will Get Outside to spot different leaves and discover that most leaves are symmetrical (Science, Maths) and Get Creative by drawing our own leaves and making a tree (Art & Design).

KS2 can Get Outside and examine the different angles trees can grow at (Science, Maths) and Get Creative with a challenge of making a tree person flip book (Art & Design).

Outside with Hogarth

KS1 can Get Outside and do a sound walk to let the sounds we hear influence our art (Art & Design, English, History). Get Creative and have a go at making a set of skittles (History, Art & Design, Design & Technology, P.E.).

KS2 – Get Outside to spot the S-shaped curve Hogarth found everywhere in nature and called the line of beauty (Art & Design, History). Get Creative and have a go at making a set of skittles (History, Art & Design, Design & Technology, P.E.).