Events & Exhibitions

Events & Exhibitions

Creative workshop: Irises in bloom with Sangeeta Weatherley

Sunday 11th April 11.00 – 12.00 & Friday 23rd April 18.00 – 19.00

Get inspired by Spring! In this one-hour virtual workshop, local artist Sangeeta Weatherley will help you create your own beautiful work of art inspired by a flower Hogarth himself drew and admired for its beauty.

Workshop details

Ticket price: £10

Level: creatives of all abilities are welcome

Materials: pencil, coloured pencils, pastels… whatever you have to hand!

About the artist

Sangeeta Weatherley is a self-taught artist from India, currently living in West London with her family. Her love for nature lead to the discovery of art and she is passionate about spreading the joy of colours. She is inspired by her surroundings in London, the changing landscape through the seasons and the abundance of colours in nature.

Local artist Sangeeta Weatherley putting the finishing touches on one of her irises.