Talk: At Home with the Hogarths by Val Bott

Talk: At Home with the Hogarths by Val Bott

A talk relating to our special exhibition: At Home with the Hogarths

In this illustrated talk, local historian Val Bott will use her research for the displays in the House and and that by Elizabeth Einberg for her catalogue of Hogarth’s paintings, published in 2016. She will share rich detail about family members, servants and the Hogarths’ circle with more detail and colour than could be included in the exhibition. At Home with the Hogarths is a free special exhibition running until 6 November.

The galleries will remain open to visitors until the talk begins. The bar will be open before and after the talk with beer, wine and soft drinks. Please keep drinks in the Learning Studio.

Val Bott researched the friends and neighbours, supporting the displays seen in the permanent galleries refurbished in 2012 and for her Hogarth’s House book from Scala Publications.

Dr Thomas Morell – A print from Hogarth’s portrait. Morell lived in Chiswick Lane. A close friend to Hogarth, he asked to be buried near him at St Nicholas in Chiswick.
Mary Lewis – sketch by Theodosius Forrest, about 1775. The last member of the family to live at Hogarth’s House.