Printing workshop: Royal profiles

Printing workshop: Royal profiles

Celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend with this royal-inspired printing workshop

12.30 & 3pm

To celebrate the milestone Platinum Jubilee for Queen Elizabeth II, we are taking a look at her iconic profile that has appeared on our stamps and currency for the past seven decades for inspiration. Profiles are stunning, effective and we can’t wait to see your inspired creations.

Using the drypoint printing technique and our intaglio printing press, participants will produce a profile-inspired print.

Drypoint is an intaglio printmaking technique where an image is engraved into card, inked and run through an intaglio printing press.

We provide aprons to all participants and make every effort to use washable inks, but please be mindful of the clothing you choose to wear to the workshop.

Participants must be aged 16+

Spaces limited to 10

Kayleigh Edun has been a Freelance Learning Facilitator with Hogarth’s House since Spring 2021. She supports our Schools, Families and Printmaking programmes.

Queen Elizabeth II wearing crown, blue sash and pink gown by BiblioArchives / LibraryArchives is licensed under CC BY 2.0