A Humorous Affair: A Jubilee family activity

A Humorous Affair: A Jubilee family activity

A family-friendly activity for the Jubilee weekend!

In celebration of the Jubilee weekend, we are taking a look back at the celebrations of Hogarth’s day. Explore the chaos of Hogarth’s depiction of Southwark Fair using imagination and character exploration. Follow on by making double-sided bunting to showcase revellers both in the 18th and the 21st century.

Suitable for aged 5-11

Spaces limited to 15

Adults must stay with their children for the duration of the activity.

Kayleigh Edun has been a Freelance Learning Facilitator with Hogarth’s House since Spring 2021. She supports our Schools, Families and Printmaking programmes.

Claire Chard illustration, Claire’s Characters
Southwark Fair, William Hogarth. 1733